South South Media Week



#SSMW will move around the states in South South.

Projecting noticeable value, enhancing cultures, encouraging learning, diversifying the economy through discussions & exhibitions.

The Pavilion

The pavilion is the official networking area of the South South Media Week well stocked with furniture, work stations and will feature vendors from within and diaspora including SMEs, NGOs, Banks, Shops, Radio & TV houses.


Insights and Discoveries are bound to happen when strategic thoughts transpire between professionals driven with the right knowledge, passion for the job and efficient delivery.

Get ready for provoking thoughts … come with yours !!!

MIND –Made in Niger Delta

The MIND is an acronym for ‘Made In Niger Delta’ which is the refinery that connects the metamorphosis of knowledge and wisdom into results. It is a platform set up by the South South Media Week to showcase, harness and serve uniquely in the development of the region.


Different Brands will be marketing their products in boots and exhibition stands to captains of Industries, owners of MSMEs, young adults, members of the university community and several other communities constituting industries.



This puts fire to indulgence and achievements. Its a special platform put together by the team to examine visioners, projects & milestones that have stood out from the rest to create a mark in the society. Strategy & Processes will be discussed coupled with creative questions from the ever eager next generation.


Entertainers from within and outside the state will discuss key issues that would amount to gain for the industry starting from grassroots and will possibly engineer Niger Delta Music industry – Critical points and demands will be required & made from the awaiting super stars.


Gathering of young adults together with veterans and celebrities to communicate, educate and network to build vast relationships towards personal development & the region thereby.


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